Why You Should Consider Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator

If you live in a house built during the last 30 years, or one that has seen remodeling in recent decades, then it likely has a strong heat seal. This prevents heat from escaping the home during cold weather, and heat from entering during hot weather. Strong heat seals make a home energy-efficient: you will need to run your air conditioner and heater far less each season with the sealing from insulation stopping the loss or gain of heat.

However, there is a downside to this airtight seal: stale, low quality indoor air. Unless you can open up your doors and windows for few hours every day (and let’s be honest, you can’t) it is hard to ventilate your home with fresh air. Opening up your windows and doors means a loss of heating or cooling power.

There is an option that will help you freshen and increase your indoor air quality in Markham, ON: heat recovery ventilators. Call Advantage Airtech today to ask our indoor air quality specialists about how they can install these excellent additions to your ventilation system.

What heat recovery ventilators will do for you

Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) bring fresh air into your home while also helping you save energy. A professional installer can fit an HRV into your current ventilation system, and hook it up to an external power supply. From its location inside the ductwork of your HVAC system, the HRV harnesses the energy from the air that comes one direction and uses it to heat the air going the opposite direction, a process known as “counter-flow heat exchange.”

The ventilation system brings in fresh outdoor air. Normally, this would have a negative effect on your interior temperature. However, the HRV runs a counter-flow of stale indoor air past it, and heat exchange occurs. If warm summer air is coming into the ventilation shaft, it will lose its heat to the outgoing stale air. For incoming cold winter air, it will gain the heat from the outgoing indoor air. This conditioned air enters the home with the help of a fan. So you lose the stale air, but keep its energy.

The “recovery” part of the name comes from the way that the HRV recovers the heat energy and recycles it. An HRV can recover 85% of the energy from the indoor air and send it back, and this means you’ll save energy along with having fresher air.

This all sounds a bit too good to be true: but HRVs are easy to have installed into your ventilation system.

Advantage Airtech offers installation of HRVs that will match up with your heater/air conditioner and provide you with increased energy savings and an end to the stale air that reduces your indoor air quality in Markham, ON.