Protect Your System with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

You have a lot of money invested in your heating and cooling equipment. The best way to protect this important investment is with a regular maintenance protection plan.

With the WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plus Plan, you can experience peace of mind knowing that you have invested in year-round comfort. The main benefit of the plan is that if something happens to your heating or cooling system, a qualified service technician will be there quickly to assist you with your HVAC maintenance.

Comparing Plans: WeCare Maintenance versus WeCare Protection Plus

WeCare Maintenance

WeCare Maintenance ensures that your HVAC system is in its best shape and proactively identifies small issues before they are big problems during the warranty period on your equipment.

  • PRIORITY emergency service.
  • REDUCED diagnostic fees(only $75 on days, evenings or weekends)
  • 20% DISCOUNT on repairs.
  • 5% DISCOUNT on replacement equipment.
  • FREE precision tune-ups each year.

WeCare Protection

WeCare Protection gives you all the benefits of the WeCare Maintenance plan even after the warranty period on your equipment.

  • FREE parts and labour up to $850 (excluding heat exchangers and condensers).
  • PRIORITY emergency service over non WeCare Protection Plan customers.
  • NO diagnostic fee.
  • 5% DISCOUNT on replacement equipment.
  • FREE precision tune-ups each year.
  • FULLY QUALIFIED and licensed professional technicians.

What products are covered under WeCare Maintenance and WeCare Protection?

Typical HVAC maintenance coverage plans can be set up for all ClimateCare products, including:

Pricing Plans

You can sign up for the WeCare Maintenance plan for $9.99/month with a one-time initial precision tune-up fee of $59.99.
When you make the switch to the WeCare Protection Plan you receive all the benefits of the WeCare Maintenance plan, plus more with a small fee increase to $21.99/month.

Comprehensive and Trustworthy Maintenance

At Advantage AirTech ClimateCare, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of prevention services. This is why we use a detailed inspection checklist for all of your tune-ups. Take a look below:

Relax knowing that even on the coldest winter days or hottest summer days, WeCare Maintenance and WeCare Protection has got you covered.

If your heating or air conditioning breaks down in the middle of a cold January night or on a hot afternoon in July, a WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plus Plan is a welcome relief. Day or night, service technicians are standing by for all of your HVAC troubleshooting and repair needs. It’s the best kind of insurance you can get; knowing your family will be comfortable, warm and toasty in your home, all winter long and cool and carefree through the summer.

Contact Advantage Airtech ClimateCare to find out about a HVAC system maintenance plan for your home. Whether your heating and cooling system is old or new, your local experts are ready to take care of your comfort needs. You’ll find working with us a breath of fresh air!

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