Fast, Affordable Air Conditioner Repair Across Durham Region.

If your air conditioner is:

  • Struggling to keep the house cool.
  • Making strange noises.
  • Noticeably louder than usual.
  • Developing a crust of ice.

…or you just think something is wrong, contact us today for fast, affordable air conditioner repair in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa or anywhere across Durham region.

Two ways to spend less on air conditioner repair

Durham region has two ways to save on repairs with Advantage Airtech.

  • Lower your risk of encountering unexpected air conditioner repairs at all by subscribing to a WeCare Maintenance Plan. Regular inspections and maintenance will catch any approaching issues before they become serious. And you’ll get a discounted rate on any repairs vs. non-subscribers.
  • Subscribe to a WeCare Protection Plan, which covers the cost of repairs as well as maintenance. It’s more expensive, but it’s the best insurance against any unforeseeable incidents.

What does a maintenance plan include?

A maintenance plan covers all necessary maintenance to keep your AC in good condition. A standard maintenance call from one of our expert technicians includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the air filter, or replacement if required.
  • Vacuuming buildup in the drain.
  • Cleaning the AC coil and fin.
  • Coolant level check.
  • Top to bottom mechanical inspection.

Once our technicians are through, they will have completed a 22 point air conditioner maintenance checklist.

Regular service minimizes the chance your family will need a costly air conditioner repair.

Sometimes repairs can’t be avoided. Even if you only subscribe to our basic maintenance plan, you still receive repairs at a discounted rate – the best rate in Durham region.

Protection plans cover you in case of repairs

A Protection Plan covers the same service as the Maintenance Plan, plus additional coverage when it comes to repairs:

  • Coverage of all parts (with a few rare exceptions).
  • Coverage of all labour.
  • No premium cost for after-hour service.
  • Priority when booking appointments.

Call for air conditioner repair, or sign up for a maintenance plan

Manage your air conditioner repair costs in Pickering Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa or anywhere across Durham region as best you can.

Contact us to find out how affordable your customized protection plan or air conditioner maintenance plans can be.

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