If you’re used to gas furnaces that break down frequently, pilot lights that won’t seem to stay on, or an inefficient, low-performance unit, you may be wary about purchasing a new furnace for installation. But never fear: modern furnaces contain a variety of safety features and controls that allow them to be far more efficient than ever before and offer improved performance as well. Besides, today’s furnaces don’t actually use standing pilots, which cuts costs and involves much less of a hassle. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the new ignition systems for furnaces, so you can see for yourself that a new furnace may still be a viable option for heating installation in Pickering.

Standing Pilot

A standing pilot must remain lit throughout the day so that heat can be made available at any time. Today’s manufacturers no longer produce standing pilot models, for a few good reasons. For one, standing pilots consume a lot of energy, as they require gas to flow at all times. Most standing pilot furnaces only have a 50-65% AFUE rating (annual fuel efficiency utilization) meaning they only use about half of the energy they consume to heat a space.

Intermittent Pilot

An intermittent pilot solves a couple of problems common to older units. Electronic components open the gas valve and put out a spark only when the furnace needs to switch on, allowing for greater efficiency as it will only run for the length of time that it is necessary. They can have an AFUE of well over 90%, a significant improvement over old furnaces. They’re also a lot safer, as most modern units contain more safety features and control switches and there’s a lower risk of a sudden blast from an overfilled combustion tank.

Hot Surface Ignition

An even more efficient option may be hot surface ignition. Hot surface ignition systems are made of silicon carbide, a material which conducts heat easily when energized. The hot surface ignition system is one of the most popular ignition methods for today’s units. They are very tough, and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Contact Advantage Airtech to learn which of these furnace features is best for your home when you schedule heating installation in Pickering.

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