Common Heating Issues at the Beginning of the Season

It’s finally time to switch on your heating system for most of the fall and winter. Is your heater up to the task? Often, homeowners turn on their heaters for the first time in the season only to discover their systems are not operating as expected. Check out our list of a few common beginning-of-season heating issues, and when it may be time to call an expert.

  • Burning Smell: This could be due in part to dirt in the filter. Try changing or cleaning the filter, and see if this helps. Due to dust accumulation over the long off-season, some dust accumulation is normal, and the furnace is likely to smell.
  • Unusual Noises: If this is happening, you should seek the help of a technician. A little noise may be expected when you first turn it on or when it is cold and the unit is working extra hard. But loud racket from the system for a long period of time usually indicates a serious issue.
  • No Heat: Temperatures take a plunge, so you switch on your whole-home heating system, only to discover that the unit does not turn on at all. Check the circuit breaker and make sure the thermostat is in “heating” mode. If everything else seems okay, you’ll need to call in a professional.

Our Advice

Turn on your heater long before you really need to use it. Testing your whole-home heating system in the fall will help you to know about problems long before the system needs to run full time. However, some problems won’t be immediately apparent, which is why we recommend a maintenance appointment.

Routine heating maintenance and regular filter changes help the system to run smoothly. A clean filter allows for the proper amount of airflow, and a clean system can improve both efficiency and performance. Talk to your local heating and air conditioning technician for more information.

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