Common Heating Repairs

Having a good heating system is a huge priority for every homeowner and you likely use yours a lot in order to stay comfortable. All that use means that your heater could eventually start to develop problems and issues that require professional attention. The Pickering, ON heating repair specialists at Advantage Airtech have years of experience working with many different types and brands of heating systems including gas boilers, hydronic heating systems and many more. We thought it would be helpful to put together a quick list of someone of the most common heating repairs that we see. Give us a call for any Pickering, ON heating repair that you might need.

Common Pickering, ON Heating Repair

Here at Advantage Airtech we offer a full range of heating repairs for all different types of heating systems. These are a few of the most common problems that we see.

  • Water leaks – If you have a hydronic heating system, like a boiler or an under-floor system, then you could start to develop a number of different leaks. Any piece of equipment that deals with that much water is bound to develop leaks. Call the Pickering, ON heating repair pros at Advantage Airtech today to learn more.
  • Not enough heat – If your heating system isn’t able to keep your home warm then you could have a serious problem on your hands. This problem could be caused by a bad thermostat, broken burner or a number of other issues.
  • Strange noises – If your heating system has started to make strange noises it likely means that there is a problem with your equipment. The Pickering, ON heating repair professionals at Advantage Airtech can help you with any issue that you might need.
  • Inefficient operation – If you’ve started to notice that your home’s heating system is using a lot of energy to heat your home call the Pickering, ON heating repair pros at Advantage Airth. Inefficient operation likely means that there is something wrong with your system that is causing it to have to work harder.

For all your Pickering, ON heating repair make sure that you call Advantage Airtech.