Consequences of Dirty Furnace Filters

One of the easiest parts of your furnace to maintain is also the one that many homeowners frequently neglect the most. The air filter. In most furnaces, the filter just slides in and out and takes no more than a few seconds to change. However, most furnaces are also out of sight, tucked away in a part of the house you rarely go to, which makes it easy to forget.

You should change your filter whenever it gets dirty, which differs from house to house. But to be safe, every few months is a good gauge to ensure it remains clean and the furnace works when you need it most. Here are some consequences of dirty furnace filters you should keep in mind

Furnace Needs to Work Harder

When the filter is clogged and filled with dust and debris, it only stands to reason that the furnace itself must work harder to force air through and into your ductwork. This results in higher monthly bills because the furnace runs for longer periods of time and needs to use more energy. You will also end up requiring more frequent maintenance visits as other parts wear out more quickly.

Poor Performance

You want your furnace to produce a warm home when you want it, but that won’t happen if the furnace filter is dirty. The blowers will be straining to push the air through which results in reduced airflow and possible hot and cold spots in the house. You may also have trouble reaching the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat, which can leave everyone in the house chilled when they should be warm and cozy.

Poor Air Quality

Air being forced through a dirty filter will naturally end up with some of that dirt, dust and debris going through the ducts and out the vents into the various rooms of your house. Dirty furnace filters can deliver dirty air throughout your home and increase the likelihood of allergens bothering your family. If you notice your furnace running more than usual and you hear more sniffles and coughing, check the furnace filter before you do anything else.

Dirty Furnace Filters

Shorter Lifespan

With all the added work, it makes sense that your furnace isn’t going to last as long and you’ll need a replacement sooner. There’s also a chance that the clogged filter has caused internal damage to the furnace that will end up shortening its lifespan. Needless to say, it’s not worth having to get a new furnace sooner than necessary just because you didn’t’ bother to change an inexpensive filter when you should.

If you’d like to learn more about changing furnace filters, or want to schedule some routine maintenance to make sure your furnace is running at full capacity, contact us at Advantage AirTech Climate Care today.

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