Lady at home sneezing due to allergies - Get Allergies at Home? Here are 3 Reasons a Whole-Home Humidifier Can Help  

Whole-home humidifiers are gaining attention for their potential to improve indoor air quality and alleviate allergy symptoms. By integrating with your home’s HVAC system, these devices maintain consistent humidity levels throughout your home and offer several health benefits. 

 1. Hydrates Throats and Sinuses 

Dry air can exacerbate allergy symptoms, including sore throats, sinus congestion, and respiratory discomfort. Whole-home humidifiers reintroduce moisture into the air, which is crucial during drier months or in climates prone to low humidity. This added moisture can help to hydrate the mucous membranes in the throat and nasal passages, reducing irritation and discomfort. 

2.  Dust Control 

One of the lesser-known benefits of maintaining proper indoor humidity levels is dust control. Dust particles are more likely to remain suspended in dry air, contributing to indoor air pollution and exacerbating allergies. Also, dry air creates drier skin, which flakes off and contributes to dust build-up. A whole-home humidifier can help dust settle more quickly rather than remaining airborne, which helps reduce allergy symptoms.  

3. Extra Indoor Air Filtration  

Modern whole-home humidifiers are equipped with filters and additional technologies designed to capture and neutralize airborne pathogens. Combining humidification and filtration can significantly improve indoor air quality, creating a more comfortable and healthier living space for those with allergies. Be sure to ask your HVAC supplier about the various types of antimicrobial air filters available today!  

Ideal Indoor Humidity for Allergies 

We discussed what can happen with too little humidity, but what about too much? In this case, allergens like mould and bacteria can flourish, leading to skin and respiratory issues. Maintaining ideal indoor humidity levels, ideally between 30% and 50%, is vital to prevent the discomfort and health issues associated with both high and low humidity. 

With a central furnace humidifier, you can maintain the perfect amount of humidity throughout your whole home.  

Enjoy More Comfortable Home Air Today 

Advantage Airtech is ready to assist you in selecting, installing, and maintaining the perfect furnace humidifier. Contact us today to discover our humidifier solutions and special offers! 

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