If you have a gas-fired boiler in your home in Newcastle then you’re likely enjoying the benefits of hot water radiators or radiant floor or wall system. But how does a gas boiler actually work? Many people may have a boiler in their home but not understand how it works to heat their home. Boilers are a reliable, durable and provide comfortable heating. Below we’ve presented a very basic outline of how they work.

The Boiler

First of all, your boiler doesn’t actually boil water—that is, unless you have a steam system. Boilers use some kind of gas like propane or natural gas to heat water. The water is normally heated to between 140° F and 160° F.

The Pump

Once the water is heated, a pump pushes it through a series of pipes that deliver it to your home.

Radiant Heat

If you have hot water radiators, the water is circulated through them where it gives off its heat into the room. But if you have a radiant floor system, the floor is actually heating the air in the room from the ground up. Radiant heat actually heats everything in the room, not just the air (as is the case with a forced-air system like a furnace). This provides a comfortable temperature for the people in the rooms.

The Expansion Tank

The expansion tank looks like a propane tank that you would use to power a barbeque. It is a crucial part of your boiler system. Have you ever heated up water in a tea kettle? When the water gets hot it expands and starts to push air out of the lid of the kettle. This is what makes the high-pitched squeal that lets you know your water is hot. That property of water to expand when heated would normally blow up your pipes, valves and pumps. The expansion tank allows that pressure to be released in a safe way.

If you have any questions about your boiler or how it works in your Newcastle home, call the experts at Advantage Airtech Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer complete boiler installation, repair and maintenance services to the entire Newcastle area. We would love to talk with you if you’re having any issues with your boiler.

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