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Your garage might be your sanctuary, where you go to work on your hobbies, get some peace, or entertain your friends. However, using the garage is more challenging in the peak of summer and winter. If your garage isn’t insulated and isn’t connected to your home’s HVAC system, you may struggle to control the temperature in your garage. Here’s how you can make it more habitable through the seasons. 

Insulation & Weather Striping 

Insulation and weather stripping will help you control your garage’s temperature in either season. In the winter, insulation will keep the warm air in, and in the summer it will keep hot air out. You have the same options for your garage wall insulation as you do for your home. You can also purchase special insulated garage doors that can help. Don’t forget to insulate your feet by adding rugs or some kind of flooring to your garage. 

Weather stripping around the garage door, the door to your home (if there is one) and any garage windows are also important. These can seal potential leaks and make it much more efficient to heat or cool your garage. 

Whether you want to heat your garage in the winter or cool your garage in the summer, we have the solutions for you. Contact us today to learn more.

Summer Cooling Solutions 

In the summer, many garages in Canada have the advantage of concrete flooring. This remains cool to the touch through much of the summer, as long as it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Still, you will likely need more to keep the space cool. Here are some options: 

  • Fans: A bit of airflow can have a dramatic effect on the temperature in your garage. 
  • Ventilation system: A proper ventilation system will constantly allow hot air to leave your garage, without costing any energy.   
  • Air conditioning: If the other two aren’t enough, you may have to install an air conditioning unit in your garage.   
Car headlights shining into closed garage door, snow falling and snow on the ground

Winter Heating Solutions 

It is often more challenging to heat a Canadian garage in the winter than cool the same garage in the summer. Unfortunately, beyond bundling up in your garage, your main options are to invest in some heating. It can be costly but will hopefully be less so with insulation. Here are some heating options: 

  • Fireplace: It can be very simple to install a fireplace in your garage. You’ll need to invest in some safety features if you choose a gas fireplace, but it’s a very efficient form of heating. 
  • Floor heating: Adding heating to your garage flooring is a great option to keep your toes, and the rest of the space, warm. You don’t need to add vents or connect the garage to your home’s main heating system. 

At Advantage Airtech ClimateCare we can help you choose the heating and cooling options that are best for your garage and in line with your priorities. Reach out to one of our experts today to discuss your options. 

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