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Rust is a serious problem on or inside of a furnace. Rust can damage the most valuable parts of a furnace, like the heat exchanger, and make them inoperable. Rust on the outside of the furnace can also impact its performance and spread to other parts of the furnace. If you or your HVAC technician have noticed rust on your furnace, what should be done about it?

Unfortunately, furnace rust cannot be repaired. In fact, there is usually little use in even switching out rusted components for new ones, as another part is likely to break from rust soon after. Instead, a furnace that has developed significant rust needs to be replaced.

Here’s what you need to know about what caused your furnace to rust and how you can prevent rust on the next one.

What Causes Furnace Rust?

Rust is metal oxidation in response to water. In conditions where there is a lot of water, metal will rust faster than normal. So, if your furnace has rusted, you have to ask yourself where the water is coming from. There are a few potential answers to that:

  • Humidifier: Most furnaces are equipped with whole-home humidifiers that generate moisture to restore the humidity in your air. An improperly functioning humidifier can leak into the furnace and cause rust. That’s not to say you should remove the humidifier–it is important to keep your home comfortable.
  • Moisture issues: If your furnace is in your basement, and your basement has moisture issues, they may have contributed to your furnace’s rust build-up.
  • Floods and leaks: Major sources of water, especially those that lasted for a long time, can kickstart the rusting process on your furnace. Floods and plumbing leaks are two common causes of furnace rusting.

If you are noticing issues with your furnace and are concerned about rust, contact our experts today. You’ll have your furnace running properly in no time!

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How to Prevent Rust on Your Furnace

How do you protect your next furnace from developing the same rust issues that ruined the last one? There are some steps you can take:

  • Regular maintenance: Proper maintenance is the single most important way to prevent rust because your technician will see the rust as it begins and will help you take steps to rectify it. They’ll also be able to fix leaks from the humidifier.
  • Spot leaks: If you can spot leaks and other moisture issues near the furnace early you can better protect your furnace from moisture. If a leak did cause the last to rust, it’s best to get it fixed before the new one is installed.

No one should be struggling to deal with furnace issues, especially during the winter when you need the heat. If you are having furnace issues or any other HVAC issue, the experts at Advantage Airtech Climate Care are here to help. Contact us today.

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