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If you have been thinking of having a new AC unit installed, there are several different factors to consider to get just the right system for your needs. You need to think about the price, the size of your home, how many occupants there are in the house, the home’s location and how often you’ll be using the AC. One aspect of replacing your AC that is often overlooked is the timing of the installation. When is the best time to replace your AC unit?

In most cases, having your new AC installed in the off-season (spring, fall or winter) is the wisest choice. Here are a few reasons why:

More Time to Shop Around

Having your AC unit installed in the off-season gives you extra time to shop around, compare and research before the hot weather shows up. If you have ever been scrambling to find a new air conditioning unit when it’s already hot out, you know that it’s possible to rush and make the wrong decision.

Looking around for your AC when you don’t need to use it yet enables you to make a purchase on your own terms, without any pressure. You’ll be able to get more estimates on the installation and there’s a good chance the contractor will take more time to explain the details of the installation to you since there aren’t a lot of AC installations to do.

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More Flexible Installation Schedule

It’s no fun trying to squeeze an installation into your busy schedule when the installer’s schedule is equally as busy. If you wait until the summer, you may end up suffering through some hot, sticky days and nights before they are able to fit you in. with an off-season installation, you’ll have a lot more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. There will also be more time for them to come to your home and assess the situation to determine what size and type of AC system would be the best choice.

Possible Financial Savings

Like with any industry, you’re far more likely to find deals and discounts on AC units during a time when the demand is low. The price should never be the only factor in your decision, but you do have the potential to save some money if you have the unit installed in the off-season. If it’s winter and the weather doesn’t allow for a smooth installation, you can still make the purchase and schedule installation for when the weather is a little nicer and the ground is no longer frozen, if that’s an issue.

Installing a new AC unit does not have to be difficult. At Advantage Airtech ClimateCare our experts will walk you through the best AC unit for your needs, and expertly install it when you need it. Easy financing options are also available to make the replacement even less stressful. Contact us today.

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