Is Your Thermostat Responsible for Your Heating System Repair Needs?

It has the ultimate control over our heating system, but it is often the most overlooked item when the heating system needs repair: your thermostat. Your thermostat tells your heating system when to turn on and off, making it the control center for your heater. When your heater is operating poorly, or won’t come on at all, the thermostat should be the first place to check for heating system repair in Pickering. Why? Because your thermostats can malfunction and break just as any other part of your heating or cooling system can. Here are some common problems our Advantage Airtech technicians see with thermostats:

  • Dust and dirt – the instrumentation inside your thermostat is delicate; as such, a layer of dust and/or dirt can affect how the instrumentation works, which can cause problems with overall operation.
  • Thermostat isn’t level – thermostats need to be level in order to work correctly; a tilted thermostat may read the temperature wrong, which will affect when the thermostat cues your heater to turn on and off.
  • There’s a short – thermostats run on electricity which makes them as likely to develop as short as any other small electronic device. The best way to check if there’s a short is to see if a breaker has tripped in your electrical box.
  • It’s drafty – good placement is critical for correct temperature readings. If your thermostat is next to windows or doors, drafts can affect the thermostat’s readings.
  • The heat anticipator is off – the heat anticipator tells your heater how long it should stay on; if it isn’t calibrated correctly, your system may do what’s called short-cycling: constantly turn on and off. Your technician will know exactly how to fix the anticipator.
  • Corroded or frayed wiring – the wires inside your thermostat can become corroded or frayed over time, which will affect how they operate. Your technician can replace these wires during a repair appointment.

Problems with your thermostat can increase the wear and tear on your heating system, which can contribute to malfunction and aging.

If you suspect your thermostat may have a problem, contact Advantage Airtech today and schedule an appointment for heating system repair in Pickering.