It has the ultimate control over our home heating, but it is often the most overlooked item when the heating system needs repair: your thermostat. Your thermostat tells your heating system when to turn on and off, making it the control center for your heater. When your heater is operating poorly, or won’t come on at all, the thermostat should be the first place to check. Why? Because your thermostats can malfunction and break just as any other part of your heating or cooling system can. Here are some typical thermostat problems our Advantage Airtech technicians commonly see.

Common Thermostat Problems and Their Fixes

  1. Accumulation of Dust and Dirt – The sensitive inner mechanisms of your thermostat can be hampered by dust and dirt, affecting its overall functionality.
  2. Misaligned Thermostat – A properly functioning thermostat requires precise leveling. An off-balance device may misread temperature, causing erroneous heating cycles.
  3. Electrical Short Circuit – Being powered by electricity, thermostats are susceptible to shorts. A tripped breaker in your electrical box may indicate such a problem.
  4. Poor Location Leading to Drafts – Accurate temperature readings depend on the thermostat’s location. Positioned near windows or doors, drafts could skew its readings.
  5. Malfunctioning Heat Anticipator – The heat anticipator governs the heater’s operating duration. A misaligned anticipator may result in short cycling, where the system incessantly turns on and off.
  6. Corroded or Frayed Wiring – Corrosion or fraying of internal wires can disrupt your thermostat’s operation. A technician can replace these during a service appointment.

Contact Advantage Airtech for Thermostat and Heating System Repairs in Pickering

Faulty thermostats can lead to accelerated wear and tear on your heating system, often resulting in malfunction and premature aging.

If you suspect your thermostat may have a problem, contact Advantage Airtech today and schedule an appointment with our experts.

Article updated May 31, 2023

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