If you have a radiant heating system in your home, then you’re likely enjoying the comfort and efficiency of your heating system. However, like everything, any other piece of equipment will eventually need repairs. Call the radiant heating repair professionals at Advantage Airtech if you’re having any issues with your radiant heating system. We wanted to help our customers know when their heating system is in trouble by putting together a quick list of some of the signs that they should look for.

Radiant Heating System Leaks

Most radiant systems use heated water to provide heating for your home. Because of that, they will likely eventually develop leaks. There are a few common places where leaks can develop with radiant heating systems.

  • Boiler tank leaks – Many radiant heating systems use a large tank to heat water and then circulate it through your home. The tank itself can start to leak which is usually the result of age, rust or pressure.
  • Water pump leaks – The water pump in your radiant heating system is what actually circulates the water through your home. Call the Pickering, ON heating repair professionals at Advantage Airtech if your water pump is leaking.

Radiant Heater Not Providing Heat

Another very common call for service that we get is for our customers who aren’t getting any heat from their system. The Pickering, ON heating repair professionals can figure out exactly what’s going on and then get your system back up and running. It could be that the thermostat for your home is broken, the burner for the boiler could be bad or the thermometer in the tank isn’t letting the water get hot enough.

For any Pickering, ON radiant heating repair services that you need make sure that you call us here at Advantage Airtech.

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