Reasons For a High Energy Bill in Winter

In our climate, we tend to use our HVAC systems consistently in both the summer and winter to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. In Canadian winters, your heating system needs to be ready to go at all times but that doesn’t mean you need to be spending more than necessary. Here are some possible reasons for a high energy bill in winter that may be causing you to spend more.  

1. Heating Cost Increases 

The largest chunk of your energy usage in the winter is typically for heating your home. So, if you’re noticing a big spike, your heating is the first thing you should investigate. Your appliances, whether gas or electric, can end up costing you more in energy for a few reasons.   

First, and the easiest thing to rule out, is serious drops in temperature. If you’re having uncharacteristically cold days or record-breaking low temperatures, your heating system will naturally end up using more fuel to keep your home warm. 

The second thing to investigate is appliance problems. Even minor issues with your furnace or other heating appliances can cause significant drops in efficiency and make your energy bill soar. This is one reason that it is so critical to have your yearly maintenance performed, so technicians can catch and fix issues like this. 

Then again, it is also possible that the spike is caused by a more serious issue with your heating appliance. Sometimes these spikes precipitate complete breakdowns, so it is wise to get your HVAC technician involved right away. 

2. Inefficient Heating Choices 

Another reason your energy bills may spike is because of other things you are doing to compensate for the cold weather. This is especially true if your heating system is less than ideal. For example, using a space heater may seem like the best way to heat up a small area that you find is too cold, but space heaters can be highly inefficient and end up costing a lot in utilities.   

During cold weather, people may also take longer hot showers, use the drier more often or just to warm up blankets, or simply stay in more and end up using electronics more often. All of these behaviours can increase your electrical bill. 

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3. Electricity Use 

Even if you are not compensating for a poor heating system, people tend to use more electricity in the winter than in the summer, outside of air conditioning use. It’s partly a result of staying in more often. But it can also be that it simply costs more to heat water in the winter too. 

4. Energy Cost Increases 

If you still don’t understand why your energy bill has increased dramatically, it’s wise to take a look at your rate. Has the utility company increased it, or are they charging you new fees? 

To learn more about lowering your HVAC bills this winter, contact the trusted experts at Advantage Airtech ClimateCare today. We’re here to help! 

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