A new water heater
A hot shower is good. Being surprised by a cold shower is bad.

If your rental water heater is more than 8 years old, it probably works harder and wastes more energy than any other appliances in the house. That puts it at an elevated risk of breaking down, and nobody looks forward to a cold shower on a winter morning.

We recommend buying a new water heater if your unit is more than 8 years old, rather than continuing with your rental contract until the rental company replaces your water heater. Chances are they’ll repair the existing unit until it falls to pieces, and you’ll pay for the inefficiencies of a patchwork water heater every month.

Should you buy or rent? Here is a look at the reality of both.

The best solution is to invest in a water heater replacement today and stop paying for wasted energy.

Our team can help determine if it’s time for your water heater to go. We’ll inspect your current unit, whether you rent or own it, and show you exactly what we see. When we take a look at your water heater, we consider things like:

  • Properly maintained water heaters can last 15 to 20 years. Rental units are never maintained, only repaired. It’s one of the ways the rental companies make money. If your rental is older than 10 years and has any problem, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Leaking around the base of the tank or at any of the seams or connections often signal the impending end for the water heater.
  • Inconsistent hot water production, or none at all, is usually a symptom of an internal tank problem. If you own the tank, it should be replaced. Repairs for internal issues are prohibitively expensive. If you rent, your rental company will replace the tank when it breaks down for good. You’ll have to put up with a lot of hassle until then.
tankless water heaters
A tankless water heater is a great option for families looking to upgrade.

Insufficient hot water is sometimes a straightforward repair like replacing a heating element or the thermostat. But repairing an older hot water heater, in the long run, may not be the best action to take. Repairs often lead to more repairs, and more money spent.

Let’s sit down and discuss your options. We’re interested in building relationships, good reviews and 100% satisfied customers. That means our team looks out for your best interests.

Extend your water heater’s life with a WeCare Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance on your water heater can extend its life for several years and keep you safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

We include a maintenance plan with every water heater purchase, so you don’t have to worry about added costs.

With a WeCare Maintenance Plan, you’ll have regular maintenance chores taken care of by certified technicians. We’ll:

  • Drain the tank and flush out sediment.
  • Inspect the pressure relief valve and supply lines .
  • Make sure everything is working properly.

Call us for a water heater inspection today.

If you’re thinking about a water heater replacement, we can help. Call us for a water heater evaluation today.

Our team can help you avoid problems before they even start. You’ll rest easier knowing there is plenty of hot water in your home.

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