Signs of Problems with Your Boiler

If you have taken good care of your boiler with regular annual maintenance visits, then you probably haven’t had many problems with it; boilers are well-known for their few repair needs and their longevity. However, no system can run perfectly, and a time may come when your boiler develops problems that can put your heating in jeopardy.

Here are some signs to watch for in your boiler that will warn you it’s time to call for professional boiler repair in Ajax, ON. Make your first call to Advantage Airtech, we have served the Toronto area since 1987.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Help:

  • Rumbling sounds from the tank: Boilers run quietly, much more so than furnaces or heat pumps. When a boiler starts making a loud noise, you will notice it. If the tank of your boiler begins making a rumbling sound, it could mean a number of things. A broken valve might be permitting too much cold water to enter the tank, and the mixing of hot and cold water is creating the rumbling. Or the noise might indicate the water is overheating, which could be due to sediment in the tank, limescale, or corrosion. All these troubles need immediate professional attention.
  • Leaking: Any time you see leaks occurring from your boiler system, whether from the tank, the connections, or the pipes, you have to call for repairs right away. Leaks can mean a spike in water pressure, deteriorating connections, corrosion, or damage. Professionals can seal the leaks and find out what is causing them.
  • Corrosion developing: Boilers are designed to resist corrosion and rust, but the problem can still happen—especially in an older boiler or one that hasn’t received proper maintenance. If you notice rust appearing anywhere on the tank or its components, you need to call for assistance. Too much corrosion on the boiler tank often means it must be replaced.

Have Your Boiler Repaired Right Away

Even problems that seem small, like a tiny leak, can threaten to ruin your boiler if they are allowed to continue. If you catch the trouble early enough, a heating specialist can usually fix the problem fast and thoroughly… so make sure you don’t hesitate to summon experts when you think your boiler is acting (or looking) strange.

Advantage Airtech works hard to give our customers full satisfaction. For your boiler repair in Ajax, ON, call on our skilled technicians.