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Water softeners are the devices that remove the hard minerals from your water. Why should you get one? There are many benefits of having a water softener, but also many myths floating around about what they do or what effect they have. We’ll explain the benefits of soft water vs hard water and bust some myths below. 

1. Reduce Scale 

The top benefit of water softeners is that they remove the minerals from water that form scale. Scale is white build-up that you might see on your dishes, in your appliances, and anywhere water touches. You won’t have to spend any time getting out the vinegar and removing scale after you’ve installed a water softener. 

2. Healthier Skin 

There are benefits of water softeners on skin. Softened water is easier on skin and helps it stay moisturized, as opposed to hard water which can be drying. Hard water prevents some of the lathering of soap, so you end up using much more soap and water to wash. With soft water, you can be gentler on your skin. You may also find that your hair is healthier too, for the same reasons. 

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3. Appliance Lifespan 

All of your appliances, from your washing machine to your dishwater and water heater, will be affected by the buildup of scale. Often, these appliances wear out faster, or may even need repairs, because a thick layer of minerals develops in critical parts. If you have softened water, you won’t need to worry about these costs and your appliances should last longer. 

4. Improved Taste 

Removing minerals from your water will also improve its taste. Some people are bothered by the mineral content in their water, particularly if it is especially high. Instead of investing in a fridge water purifier, just fix all of your water with a whole home softener.  

Contrary to popular belief, this removal of minerals doesn’t undermine your diet. We get such a small amount of minerals from water that your diet will be essentially the same once you’ve installed a water softener. The very tiny amount of salt some water softeners add also shouldn’t affect your health unless you have a medical condition. 

5. Less Soap Scum 

While some people think that softer water will leave a residue on surfaces and skin, the opposite is true. As we mentioned briefly earlier, hard water interferes with soap sud production. It also creates soap scum. When you switch over to software you should notice much less soap scum. That makes cleaning the bathroom easier. It also makes you skin and fabric smoother and softer. 

6. Pipe Longevity 

Just as softer water protects your appliance lifespan, it can also protect your pipes from mineral buildup. 

Are you looking for more information on the benefits of having a water softener system in your house? Contact our team at Advantage AirTech ClimateCare today, we would be happy to help. 


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