Boilers are some of the most effective heating systems out there because they fill the room with warmth. Forced-air heating systems heat up air to blow into a room, and it often results in spotty heating and uneven temperatures throughout the home.

How do Boilers Work?

Hot water boilers simply use circulator pumps to move hot water from the tank into the various rooms in the house including via an endpoint like a radiator, convector unit, or a series of pipes under the floorboards. It may be surprising when the boiler suddenly stops working as it should. But if the problem is only with a smaller part like the circulator, you may be able to have a professional simply replace the part.

Potential Problems with the Circulator Pumps

A circulator pump may run into any of the following problems over time, all of which require a professional to repair or replace the part.

  1. Leaking at the Pump: The circulator pump both a pump and a connecting piece, which is why water may sometimes leak from an older pump, one that has worn down, or a pump that was not properly installed. It may wear down because of the high water pressure it handles every day. It may cause reduced heating due to the hot water deficiency.
  2. Pump Not Running: If the pump is not working at all, it may only need replacement. It could also be a sign of an electrical problem like a broken relay.
  3. Pump Only Works Intermittently: A pump that only works sporadically or only starts up sometimes could also be suffering from electrical trouble. It could also be a sign of a damaged valve in the pump.
  4. Hot Water Only Pumps to Some Areas of the House: When hot eater only reaches some areas of the home, it could indicate an electrical malfunction. On the other hand, it could be an issue with the setup of the zone control system in a larger house.
  5. Noisy Pump: A circulator pump should be fairly quiet. A noisy pump may have air inside of it that a professional can purge using a bleeding valve. It can also be a mechanical issue like a loose bearing.

At Advantage Airtech, we have experience diagnosing and repairing all kinds of problems with gas boilers in Whitby. Give us a call!

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