What Are the Best Ways to Prevent the Need for Heating System Repair?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It may be a cliché, but it’s true nonetheless. The longer it’s been since you last had your heating system checked, the higher the risk of something breaking. So, the key to avoiding having to repair or replace expensive parts is to have your heating system checked at least once a year. The question then becomes, when is the best time to have your heating system checked? Let’s take a look at the benefits of conducting fall maintenance.


The two biggest factors that determine your risk of a heating breakdown are:

  1. How long it has been since your last maintenance and
  2. How often you are using the unit.

Combining these two can give you a fairly accurate assessment of your heating system’s health. If you haven’t had your heating system checked in two years and you’re using it every day, your system is probably in pretty bad shape. The optimal way to address both of these factors is to schedule your regular maintenance right before the months when you use the most heat. That is, shortly before the winter months. This ensures that your heating system is healthy enough to deal with the increased demand during the winter.


As mentioned above, the longer your system goes without maintenance, the more it will degrade. This doesn’t have to result in a breakdown to have a deleterious effect on the efficiency of your heater. Parts will begin to wear down, causing your heating system not to function at peak performance. You could develop cold spots in your home, or longer wait between adjusting the thermostat and reaching the desired temperature. Regular fall maintenance will not only ensure that your heating system won’t break down, but that it will operate as it was intended.

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