Family at home in winter reading a book on the couch - What Happens During A Furnace Installation?

If you’re planning a new furnace installation, you’ve already made an excellent choice for getting through the winter in comfort. Modern furnaces are much more fuel-efficient than older models and provide even and effective heating for many years.

However, for your furnace to work correctly—and safely—you must have it professionally installed. A furnace installed by amateurs will likely perform less efficiently than one that received an installation from trained technicians. Even worse, a shoddy installation can lead to dangers from carbon monoxide leaking. Keep reading to learn how the pros do it right.

What to Expect During A Furnace Installation

  1. First, installation begins with sizing your furnace: i.e. surveying your home to properly gauge its heating needs, and then selecting a furnace that can handle the job.
  2. Next, installers must take care of removing your previous heating system. Sometimes, this is the longest and most arduous part of the process.
  3. Installers will then connect your new furnace to its power supply. You will probably have either a gas furnace or a propane furnace, depending on what fuel source your home has access to.
  4. The installers will connect the furnace to the previous existing ductwork so that it works smoothly with them. The installers will make sure that you are getting a furnace model that will experience few problems with your current ducts.
  5. Finally, the installers will turn on your furnace and perform airflow tests to see that it is working to the levels they expect.

This whole process normally takes less than a day, and the installers will be out of your home before you know it, leaving you with a purring machine that will make the upcoming winter a pleasant one.

Regular Furnace Maintenance is Key

Make sure that you schedule regular maintenance for your new furnace with the company that installed it. It’s a good idea to get this taken care of at the same time you have your furnace installed so you won’t forget to have it done next year. Proper maintenance should keep your furnace working for you for many winters to come.

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