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When your water heater turns off, it can ruin your morning, especially if you were in the middle of a shower. You turn it back on and it seems like a fluke because it keeps working. But then it turns back off again. What is going on? Here are a few reasons your water heater keeps turning off and what you can do about it. 

Dirt and Clogs   

Water heaters may turn off as a result of dirt or  a buildup of dirt that leads to clogs, which is why it’s important to get your yearly water heater clean during your water heater maintenance appointment. A dirty pilot light may go out, a dirty thermocouple may stop working, and other dirty parts may interfere with your water heater’s function. 

Clogs are bigger a problem. A clogged thermocouple is the most common problem that causes shutdowns. This part of the water heater can turn the whole water heater off if it can’t sense heat from the pilot light. 

Other Thermocouple Problems   

Instead of being dirty or clogged, your thermocouple may simply be broken. If so, the water heater can turn on, but it will soon turn off once the thermocouple checks if the pilot light is on. A broken thermocouple may always think the pilot light is off, which creates a frustrating situation where you turn on the water heater, it works for a minute, and then stops. Your HVAC professional can replace a broken thermocouple without much fuss. 

Gas Leaks or Gas Valve Problems 

Maybe the thermocouple isn’t the problem at all. After all, if the gas is off due to a faulty valve, or if the gas is leaking, a water heater may turn off. If you suspect a gas leak, this is an emergency and you should contact a professional and your gas company. Do not try to fix a faulty gas valve yourself either, as you may cause a leak and endanger yourself and your home. 

H2: Electrical Problems 

Your water heater may be turning off because it is short-circuiting or because it has other electrical problems. Such damage may have developed from water damage, impact or wear-and-tear. This is also a problem that’s better left to the professionals. 

Leaking Water Heater

Didn’t Find Your Answer? Call the Professionals 

A water heater that keeps turning off isn’t just leaving you in the cold, it may also be damaging itself. The sooner you can get professional help the better. For all of your water heater needs contact Advantage Airtech ClimateCare. 

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