Why Is My Home So Humid?

Everyone knows that if their home is too hot or too cold, they are going to be uncomfortable. Fewer homeowners really understand the implications that excess moisture can have on their overall comfort, indoor air quality, and even the condition of their home, though. High humidity levels can cause a number of different problems within your home, and the real issue is that so many homeowners fail to understand what causes high humidity levels, as well as what they can do to resolve such issues. Working with a qualified humidity control specialist at Advantage Airtech is a great way to ensure that humidity is controlled in your home. Contact us today for humidity solutions, Scarborough, ON air conditioning repair services, and more.

One major reason that you may have high humidity levels in your home is due to a lack of proper ventilation. If you’ve ever slept in a zipped-up tent, you know how damp and sticky everything can feel in the morning. Your home is obviously a lot larger than a tent, but the same concept rings true. Just as your breathing overnight in a tent can lead to a lot of condensation overnight, the bathing, breathing, sweating, cooking, and all other activities in your home can cause condensation and humidity to build up in your home. Without adequate ventilation, or if your home is sealed up too tightly, this humidity just has nowhere to go.

Another reason that your home may feel too humid has to do with your air conditioning system or, rather, its improper operation. An air conditioner is no alternative to a high-quality dehumidifier, but it does dehumidify air somewhat during its operation. If for any reason your AC is not able to dehumidify the air as it usually does, you may notice that your air feels sticky and humid and that your indoor air quality is suffering.

For more tips on what leads to high humidity levels, as well as what you can do to resolve such a problem, contact Advantage Airtech today. We can help you reduce the humidity in your home effectively and consistently. Should the problem be with your AC, our Scarborough, ON air conditioning repair technicians can handle the issue promptly.