You may own or manage a very large commercial property and notice that sometimes, heating and cooling aren’t always even among levels. When one floor of your multi-story commercial property has to go without heat, your business suffers. In order to keep clients, customers, employees, and even residents happy, it’s important to get the trouble repaired as quickly as possible.

What Causes Heating Issues in Commercial Buildings?

While you wait for a technician to repair the issue, you may begin to wonder, why would heat cut out in only one area of the building? Here we dive into the most common causes we see.

Thermostat Issues

One possible culprit is the thermostat. This surprises many business owners to hear, but the thermostat is responsible for communicating to the heater when it is time to turn on, so a malfunctioning thermostat is a likely possibility. And the issue could occur on just one floor because most commercial properties have a zoning system that allows each floor, office, room, or zone to be controlled individually.

Faulty Controller

On the other hand, the commercial control system may be responsible as well. All commercial heating and air conditioning units have a main electric control system that automatically directs the supply fan, valves, and safety controls. A faulty controller may keep a damper or a fan from operating, which means it will not let warm air through the vent.

Broken Circulator

If your business heats via a commercial steam or hot water boiler, the issue may have to do with the circulator that directs hot water to that area of the property. A circulator pump could need replacement, or it may need to be rewired if there is an electrical issue.

What To Do When One of Your Building’s Floors Has No Heat

Remember to call on commercial specialists for your repair needs. Residential technicians are often ill-equipped to handle such a large task. Commercial HVAC specialists are trained on these types of units with complex zoning setups and can address your issues quickly and accurately.

Get Expert Assistance From Advantage Airtech ClimateCare

For your next repair, maintenance, or installation need for commercial heating, call Advantage Airtech, serving the Greater Toronto area since 1987.

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