Indoor Air Quality Products in Pickering

Most homeowners don’t know the air inside the home can be more damaging to their family’s health than the smoggy air outside.

Modern homes are more airtight than those built 30+ years ago, which is great on your energy expenses. The down side is a lack of home breathability. Fresh air doesn’t cycle through the house as regularly as it does in an older home, so contaminants within the house marinate and get more dangerous.

Does poor indoor air quality really matter?

Poor indoor air quality can lead to:

  • Health and respiratory problems.
  • Reduced lifespan of home furnishings.
  • Pervasive lack of comfort.

Indoor air quality is impacted by ventilation, humidity and temperature consistency. And achieving it is as easy as booking a visit from one of our certified team members.

Our indoor air quality products can eliminate 99.3% of contaminants

On average, we can find about 1,000 contaminants in customer homes across Pickering and east of Toronto. These contaminants cause roughly 50% of all illnesses, while also aggravating allergies and breathing conditions.

So how can we get the back to the kind of air you should be breathing?

  • Mechanical filtration – Great for capturing particles measuring .3 microns or larger like dust, pet dander and some allergens.
  • Ionization – Adept at capturing particles smaller than .3 microns, including most common allergens, but overcome by larger particles.
  • UV sterilization – The most effective way to render germs and bacteria harmless.

A combination of these systems can help you get a cleaner, healthier home, and stay that way. Talk to one of our expert technicians to learn more about how you can start breathing easy.

Ready to get started on having a cleaner home with cleaner air? We’re waiting for your call right now.

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