Are you comparing 2 pipe and 4 pipe HVAC system for the high rise condo in your Toronto home? We’ve provided this blog post to help you understand the difference between the two systems so that you can begin to compare the advantages of each. Call us any time if you have further questions or would like to set up a consultation for a new HVAC installation.

2 Pipe Systems

In two-pipe hydronic heating and cooling systems have one supply and return pipe for hot and cold water. When on heating mode, it heats each unit in the condo, but when cooling, the cold water is used. These systems are easy to maintain and relatively straightforward to install. They are an efficient way to heat and cool the condos in your building.

4 Pipe Systems

In four-pipe systems, there are return and supply pipes for each component: heating and cooling. Each system is independent of the other in 4 pipe heating and cooling systems. A 4 pipe system is also called a water source heat pump, and it is a popular choice for high-rise building condos because of the size of the building.

Two-pipe systems tend to be less expensive to install than a four-pipe systems, but it is a good idea to speak with an HVAC contractor you can trust to help you figure out which one is right for your needs. At Advantage Airtech, we are happy to help you decide which type of system fits your needs, and we are here to provide friendly advice and quality services any time. Call today if you would like to know more about commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems.

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