Modern High Rise Apartment building in City - Common Causes of Condo HVAC Water Leaks

HVAC water leaks are a serious problem that can cause real headaches, even when the leak is fairly small. Water leaks are especially problematic due to the fact that they can often be difficult for homeowners to locate. This is even more of a challenge in an environment such as a high rise condo building, where there are a number of different housing units all with their own connected plumbing.

The Most Common Problems We See

There are a few different causes of high rise condo HVAC water leaks. One of the most common is a failure of some kind on the part of your HVAC installation technician. If your commercial HVAC equipment is not properly installed, including all water supply and drainage lines, it is only a matter of time before problems begin to develop. While a water leak in a single family home may go unnoticed for some amount of time, this tends to be a bigger problem in a high rise setting. The sooner a suspected water leak is inspected and repaired the better, so make sure to call the Newcastle, ON HVAC experts at Advantage Airtech right away.

Ultimately, Prevention Beats the Cure

One of the major causes of condo HVAC water leaks is a simple lack of maintenance. When you have a qualified HVAC technician thoroughly inspect and tune up your HVAC equipment, it provides them with the chance to discover and resolve any problems before they develop into serious issues. Any corroded pipes or poor sealing issues can be addressed before any real water damage occurs. It is the responsibility of any commercial property owner to schedule routine HVAC maintenance to ensure the comfort and convenience of their tenants.

What do I do?

The Commercial HVAC repair specialists at Advantage Airtech will be able to locate the source of any commercial HVAC water leak and resolve it before any major damage can occur. Contact us today if you suspect a water leak in your high-rise condo.

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If you have any further questions about common causes of high rise condo HVAC water leaks, call Advantage Airtech. Our skilled technicians have the solutions to any problems that you may experience. Schedule service today.

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