HVAC Annual Maintenance

There are many benefits of annual maintenance contracts for your furnace and your air conditioner. You know that getting regular maintenance is going to help your HVAC units work more efficiently and go longer without needing repairs or replacements. But why choose a maintenance contract instead of just calling up your HVAC technician every year to make an appointment? There are plenty of reasons to choose a maintenance contract instead. We’ll explain below. 

1. You Tend to Forget Maintenance 

Life is busy, and it often comes in unexpected waves. It’s common to forget to schedule your HVAC maintenance, especially if you have multiple units which should be maintained at different times of the year, like furnaces and air conditioners. Forgetting maintenance is simple, and if you let it go too long you’ll lose all of the benefits of regular maintenance, like improved efficiency and lower odds of costly repairs. When you have an annual maintenance contract, it’s your HVAC technicians who have to remember to schedule the appointment–and they will. 

2. You Can Save Money 

With regular maintenance, you’ll end up saving on reduced repair costs, reduced utility costs and delayed replacement costs. The savings are even bigger when you have an annual maintenance contract. Many HVAC companies offer discounts when you have a maintenance contract with them. For example, with our WeCare Maintenance plan, you can get a reduced diagnostic fee, a 20% discount on repairs and a 5% discount on replacement equipment. Those are huge savings that can really help keep your HVAC costs affordable for the long term. 

3. Get Priority Emergency Service 

What happens if your equipment does break down? Manufacturer defects happen to even the most well-maintained equipment. If you happen to be the unlucky homeowner who needs emergency HVAC service, and you have an annual maintenance contract, we can give you priority service before other calls. If you have a WeCare Protection Plan, you’ll be prioritized over those who just have a maintenance plan with us. This can offer you significant peace of mind and resolve emergency issues much faster. 

4. Work with the HVAC Technicians You Trust 

The best HVAC technicians are busy, year-round. If you delay making an appointment with your preferred HVAC company, you may not get a maintenance appointment in time, or at a time that works for you. You may then end up calling up your second, third, or fourth-choice company in order to get the maintenance your equipment needs. You might get worse service, worse customer service, or run into other issues. In contrast, when you have a contract with a company, they will always have time for you. 

Getting a maintenance contract is much better than just relying on memory to ensure your equipment is well-maintained. It’s more cost-effective too! 

Are you looking to get more information about the maintenance contract for your HVAC System? Look no further! Contact the HVAC experts at Advantage AirTech ClimateCare today! 

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