Tips That Will Minimize the Strain on Your AC During the Summer

How do you protect your HVAC system from being strained? You might ask that question a lot during summer heatwaves when you can almost hear the strain from your air conditioner, as it runs close to continuously just to try to keep up. Well, there are things you can do to reduce AC energy usage and keep it in better condition over the summer. Here are our air conditioning tips for the summer. 

1. Close the Blinds 

When you close the blinds, you block the sunlight from getting into your home. As sunlight brings with it a lot of heat, you’re lowering your home’s temperature when you do this. So, your air conditioner has less heat to deal with. 

2. Give the Unit Space 

Your air conditioner has to pull in heat from your space and then blow the cool air it generates elsewhere. If something is blocking the flow of air, then your air conditioner is much less efficient at removing heat and spreading the cool air around. 

3. Try to Raise the Temperature Settings 

It is tempting to keep your AC temperature in summer very low. However, the higher you can stand it, the easier it is on your air conditioner. Consider increasing your thermostat temperature by a single degree and see if you can be comfortable. 

4. Install Better Insulation 

If you have old insulation, one of the best things that you can do to give your air conditioner a break is to install new, higher-quality insulation with a better R-value. This can help keep the summer heat out of your home, without adding to your air conditioner’s burden. 

5. Use Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans are highly underrated ways to move your home’s hot air up and away from you. Turn your fans on and make sure that they are running in the right direction and pulling the air upward. Downward flow will only make your home feel hotter. 

6. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned 

If your air conditioner’s cool air doesn’t reach as far as it should, the culprit may be the air ducts. When they become partially clogged with dust and debris, they restrict airflow and prevent cool air from reaching every spot in your home. 

7. Keep Up With Its Maintenance 

Your air conditioner can work a lot better when it has been well-maintained and well-tuned. You’d be surprised at how much a small error can impact your air conditioner’s performance. We can catch those small problems during maintenance and prevent them from becoming serious repair issues. 

8. Turn it Off For Your Vacation 

Don’t forget that there are some times you don’t need to use your air conditioner at all–like when you’re not home. Even a few days of a break can be great for your air conditioner.

Are you looking to get maintenance on your HVAC System? Then you should contact the team at Advantage AirTech ClimateCare today. We’re here to help! 

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