Signs Your Window Unit Is Costing You More Than A Central HVAC System

The cost of a window unit vs a central air system usually favours the central air system. Central air conditioning usually uses less electricity than a window unit (to cool the same size space) and it, therefore, saves you money. This is presuming that your home is large enough to warrant a central air system–those in tiny homes of roughly 750 square feet or less may have a different experience. But, for the average homeowner and apartment dweller, a central HVAC system is a better bet. How do you know for sure? Usually, you ask a professional to do the math for you. If you’re not ready for that step, there are some signs you can look for. 

1. Your Window Unit Runs Constantly 

Air conditioners work like furnaces in that they run until your home reaches the temperature that you have set at your thermostat. The hotter it is outside, the more your air conditioner has to work. Typically, air conditioners are designed to run for a period of time, achieve the temperature, and then take a break. But, if your window unit has to run constantly, without taking any breaks, that means the unit is using more energy and will also need repairs and replacements faster. 

2. Your Home is Larger Than the Unit Can Handle 

One of the reasons your window unit may need to run constantly is that it is too small for the space you’re trying to cool down. Window units come in different sizes and even the largest of them cannot handle homes of a certain size. In this case, it will use up a ton of energy, run near constantly, and end up needing repairs and eventually a replacement. Your energy, repair, and replacement bills can really add up. 

3. Your Space is Unevenly Cooled 

A central air system has air ducts that deliver cold air to every space in your home. When designed properly, they do so evenly and consistently, so that every part of your home feels like it is at the same temperature. 

A window unit doesn’t have the benefits of these ducts, so it generates cool air in only one space, and relies on its fan to get that cool air across your home. When it can’t, it means it is undersized or that your home is just not ideally laid out for a window unit. 

4. You’re Considering Buying an Air Purifier 

In general, window units are worse at filtering air than central units are. They are also more likely to develop moisture issues that reduce your overall air quality. 

5. Your Window Unit is Old 

Does central air save money? Yes, it can, and it especially can if your window unit is very old and in need of a replacement. 

The cost of replacing an HVAC system may not be as much as you think. Are you ready to upgrade your HVAC System to a central air system? Look no further! Contact the HVAC experts at Advantage AirTech ClimateCare System today! 

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