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If you think you need a new furnace, air conditioner, or other parts of your HVAC system, from ducting to whole-home humidifiers, then you might need a complete replacement of your hardware. It might sound daunting to make such a big investment at once, but the benefits may be worth it. Some advantages include saving money and getting new components that work better together.

Here is what to consider when buying a new HVAC system.

1. Do High-Efficiency Furnaces Save Money?

Yes, high-efficiency furnaces can save you a considerable amount of money if you are not using one already. They represent very large advances in HVAC technology which have allowed manufacturers to create furnaces that can turn 97% or more of their fuel directly into heat. This results in significantly less exhaust or inefficiencies than other furnace types. Ultimately, you can save money on utilities by switching to a more efficient furnace.

Advantage Airtech ClimateCare is an authorized Lennox dealer and we can work with you to get the heating and cooling products you need to stay comfortable all year long.


2. Is It Cheaper to Replace a Furnace and AC Together?

It can be. It is possible that your HVAC technicians will be able to offer you a discount if you choose to replace both units with them at the same time. This can save them time and work, depending on your system and installation needs. Besides, when you replace the units at the same time you can ensure that the poor performance of one unit will not impact the other.

3. Modern Heating and Air Conditioning Options

The last time you purchased a furnace or air conditioner you may have had fewer options than we have today. We have more advanced and efficient technology, and some heating and cooling systems that work best in tandem. Examples include:

Heat pumps: These can move heat into your home in the winter and out of your home in the summer. However, they work best when you also have the support of a second heating device, like a small furnace.

HRVs: Heat recovery ventilators are a new kind of ventilation that circulates old air out of your home and brings in new air without impacting the heat efficiency of your home. It does this by removing the heat from the old air before sending it out and then warming up the new air with that same heat.

Radiant heating: The luxury of always-warm flooring can be yours with radiant heating. Instead of heating up the air, these systems heat up water and run the water in pipes beneath your flooring. The heat is then dispersed to your flooring and the air above.

The Benefits of Getting a New HVAC System

There are many benefits to getting a new HVAC system, including reducing your monthly utility costs, reducing your repair costs, and more.

Are you thinking about investing in a new HVAC system? The experts at Advantage AirTech ClimateCare can help you make the best decisions for your home.

Reach out to us today to discuss replacing any of your HVAC units.

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