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Saving energy is increasingly on everyone’s radar. Saving energy impacts the planet positively and reduces annual household energy expenses. Open concept homes help save energy as they are easier to evenly heat and cool. Here are some additional energy saving tips for your open concept home:

• Plug electronics into power bars
• Use Energy Star appliances
• Replace old windows
• Turn off the lights
• Upgrade exhaust fans
• Use a programmable thermostat
• Improve insulation in walls and your roof
• Seal air leaks
• Insulate pipes
• Unplug appliances that are not being used
• Change the direction of your home’s ceiling fans

These are just a few common tips for increasing your energy efficiency. High efficiency HVAC technology is another way you can save energy in your open concept home.

High Efficiency HVAC Technology

You might be surprised to learn that each year, homeowners use more energy heating and cooling their homes than on any other type of expense. The HVAC industry has responded with improved technology that keeps energy expenditures and the environment in mind. This high efficiency HVAC technology:

• Reduces your monthly utility bills
• Improves climate control indoors
• Evenly heats and cools your home
• Limits carbon emissions
• Operates efficiently and quietly
• Provides a longer lifespan guarantee

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Do High Efficiency Furnaces Run More Often?

Homeowners making the switch to high efficiency furnaces often wonder if they will run more often. The simple answer is “yes” – but for a good reason!

High efficiency furnaces run more often to save energy and reduce your utility bills. By running more consistently, the furnace can operate at an even pace throughout the day rather than working hard in spurts. This allows your home to be heated more evenly and reduces the amount of energy wasted.

Looking for a high efficiency furnace for your home? Contact the experts at Advantage Airtech ClimateCare for help.

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