Furnaces are subjected to a lot of wear and tear to keep you warm during the cold months! Several factors can cause a furnace to stop working, including dirty filters, frequent cycling and age. If it’s been some time since your last furnace maintenance visit, your appliance is more likely to have these issues.

The good news is that usually common furnace issues can be solved relatively simply.

furnace problem

How to Fix Common Furnace Issues

Here is what you need to do for each of these common furnace issues:

Problem: Water Leaks


Have you ever wondered to yourself “why is there water coming out of my furnace?” Well, you’re not alone! Water leaks are a common furnace issue.

Common reasons for water coming from your furnace include condensation leaks, humidifier leaks, plumbing leaks, and clogged internal draining systems. If you notice a leak, you need to act quickly.

While you are waiting for a professional to come and inspect the issue, shut the unit down and clean up the water (unless you notice signs of an electrical problem, like sparks or a buzzing noise —it is dangerous to be near water when there are electrical issues).

Even if you can’t get in there, try and determine where the water is coming from, while standing a safe distance away. That way you get a head start on determining what the technician will need to do.

Problem: Furnace Condensate Pump Not Working


If your furnace condensate pump is not working effectively, it may need to be cleaned or replaced. If you know that the condensate pump is malfunctioning, shut down your unit as it is dangerous to operate when this piece is not working.

After the furnace has shut down completely, check to make sure that the float on the pump has not become stuck. Give the pump a thorough clean.

If it is still not working properly, get in touch with a local furnace technician to help you determine what repairs or replacements will be necessary.

furnace not working

Problem: Furnace Heater Fan Not Working


To address this problem, you need to determine whether the cause of the problem is coming from the fan itself, the thermostat or the motor. The answer to this will determine the severity of the issue and whether you will require professional assistance to solve it.

Problem: Strange Noises Coming from the Furnace


One of the most common furnace issues is strange noises. These noises may include buzzing, crackling, knocking, humming or clicking.

The thing about strange noises is that there are A LOT of issues that could cause your furnace to create unusual sounds. The main thing to take away is that you should never ignore strange noises. They are usually an indication that something is wrong.

To help you start to troubleshoot the problem, remember that scraping sounds usually have to do with the blower wheel as a result of metal parts rubbing together. Screeching noises usually indicate a problem with the motor bearings and banging sounds usually warn of combustion in the air ducts.

What Else Causes a Furnace to Stop Working?

While these are some of the more straightforward furnace issues, there are a lot more. If you can’t figure out what has caused your furnace to stop working, reach out to us at Advantage Air Tech.

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