Do You Have a High-Efficiency Furnace Heating Your Home?

By the time winter comes, your home’s furnace will be running full time to keep you comfortable. This means an inevitable increase on your monthly bills. And if this increase isn’t in the budget, you may find yourself lowering the temperature to an uncomfortable setting in order to save some money.

Could it be time for a furnace upgrade? While installing a new furnace certainly comes with a price tag, you may find that it’s an affordable option when you look at available rebates and financing options. Besides, the overall savings offsets this initial cost if you purchase a high-efficiency furnace.

The Benefits of High-Efficiency Furnaces

Today’s furnaces are designed to approach maximum efficiency, with AFUE ratings (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of over 90. This is a significant improvement over furnaces manufactured decades ago, which may only have efficiency ratings of 50 or 60. A high-efficiency furnace can save you hundreds of dollars a year as they are designed to heat a home quickly without allowing heat to escape during the combustion process. Besides the savings on your monthly utilities, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your furnace is not draining Canada’s natural resources.

Talk to a Professional

Before selecting a new high-efficiency furnace for your home, it’s important to speak with a professional who can size your house and your HVAC system, inspect your ducts and insulation, and ensure that you’ve purchased a system that is the right size for your needs.  Choose an experienced HVAC technician who is informed about the most recent technologies and can measure heat gain and heat loss properties in your home.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your home comfort with a new high-efficiency furnace from your local technicians. Don’t wait until your older heating system breaks down before scheduling an appointment.

Contact Advantage Airtech for heating installation services in Toronto, ON and the surrounding areas. We can help you find the furnace that’s the best fit for your home.