Does My Air Conditioner Need More Refrigerant?

We’ve heard it time and time again: an air conditioner stops cooling sufficiently and someone says, “Do you think it just needs more Freon?” Freon is a trademarked name by Dupont, a term that is usually used in place of the generic term refrigerant. When refrigerant leaves an air conditioning system, it’s never a good sign. Learn more about this issue and whether or not your AC just needs more refrigerant in this guide.

Low Refrigerant Is Rarely the Only Problem

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is never supposed to leave your system naturally. That means that if a technician tells you that you just have to “recharge” the refrigerant from time to time, they have not done a thorough assessment of the system. Refrigerant is only ever low because it was not charged properly in the first place or because there is a leak.

Only a professional technician is licensed to handle refrigerant. And a technician can determine whether low refrigerant is really at fault for your cooling issues, or if there is something else wrong with your system. Low refrigerant causes frozen coils and poor cooling ability, but so does a dirty air filter or just some dirt on the coil.

Have a Professional Diagnose Your System

If you suspect a serious issue with the performance of your air conditioner, have a professional check it out first and foremost. For the most part, a homeowner cannot fix an AC system without the type of experience and skill an HVAC technician has obtained. While the issue could be in the circuit breaker or the wrong setting on your thermostat, all other problems should be handled by an expert for safety, speed, and precision.

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