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If you need more reasons to make your home energy efficient, here are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Save significantly more money on your utility bills
  • Protect the environment
  • Add value to your home
  • Additional health benefits

Are High Efficiency Furnaces Worth It?

The simple truth is…they absolutely are! New furnaces are legally required in Ontario to have a minimum Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of at least 90%. This means more efficient heat is filling your home and more money is filling your wallet due to reduced energy costs.

Why You Should Switch to New HVAC Tech

Many of the benefits of an energy efficient home overlap with switching over to the newest HVAC technology that’s out there, such as:

  • New tech makes efficiency a priority – Like most technology, HVAC tech has evolved to better suit your home. It uses less energy to operate, run and maintain.
  • Greener technology – Some of the new HVAC tech out there is pretty incredible. Geothermal heating and cooling, radiant heating systems and heat pump cooling have all made major strides and are ready to be installed in your home.
  • Saving you money – The idea of saving money is always a concern and you have the power to do so through the HVAC tech in your home. Advancements in energy efficiency, design and maintenance, all combine to help create products that save you money while they work.

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Important Changes that Have Improved HVAC Products

New energy efficient furnaces have already been mentioned but what other HVAC products have been improved? Here are a few key examples.

  • Central boilers – The new design of boilers help to reduce the amount of heated air that can escape during on and off cycles. They also now extract more heat that is contained in the combustion byproducts than they used to do.
  • Ductless air conditioners – Not everyone has the space in their homes for air conditioning ductwork that can be bulky and intrusive. The refrigerant lines of this style of A/C are actually small enough to run through your walls and the A/C units are placed in each room where they take up very limited space.
  • Water heaters – The second largest part of your home energy bill comes from the act of heating water. New tankless water heaters can run off of gas (propane) or electricity and can save you hundreds of dollars annually. It takes up less space and gives you hot water only when you need it, unlike a tank water heater that heats water in cycles even when you’re not home and won’t be using it.

So, are high efficiency furnaces worth it? If you’re still not convinced, contact the HVAC professionals at Advantage Airtech ClimateCare to find out more.

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