Homeowners Beware: Long-Term Furnace Rental Agreements Are Costly

Don’t become another victim of a long-term HVAC equipment rental scheme. Renting a furnace and/or air conditioning system can end up costing you a lot more than purchasing a new one. There have been multiple reports of companies going door to door to homes offering to replace outdated heating and air conditioning equipment. But upon receiving the bill, homeowners discover that the total cost of keeping the equipment in the home is exorbitant.*

Worried about the cost of a new furnace?

A number of companies offer financing and payment options for purchasing a new system that can work within your budget. And purchasing energy and fuel efficient equipment may actually reduce your overall cost of ownership. With lower monthly bills, the savings could offset the total cost of purchasing the system in the first place. And with regular maintenance, your new furnace should last for well over a decade.

Look for a system with the ENERGY STAR seal and a high AFUE rating in order to find one that won’t cost an arm and a leg to operate every month. Today, furnaces are designed to use as little fuel as possible, and those with AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings of over 95 may surprise you with their advanced levels of efficiency.

Do the math! Renting a furnace and/or an air conditioner will cost you a lot more when you add it all up. Buy a high-efficiency furnace from a reputable contractor and save money over time when you schedule routine maintenance visits each year.

*Note: Has this happened to you? Legally, there is a 10-day cooling off period if you sign a contract at your door and change your mind later. Know your rights, and don’t get caught in a door-to-door scheme.

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