One of the basic scientific principles of heat is that it rises. You experience this inside your home during the winter when your heater comes on; the hot air that comes from the vents into rooms will first gather around the ceiling and then filter down to the rest of the space. If you stand up on a chair, you will notice a much higher temperature in the upper levels of the room.

The rising of heat can work as a low-cost and energy-saving way to cool a home during the summer. Gravity vents, also known as gravity relief ventilators, are devices that can help you keep your home cool without needing to resort as much to your air conditioner.

At Advantage Airtech, we handle performing installation work on gravity vents in Pickering, ON and the surrounding area. Call us to find out how we can put them to work inexpensively cooling down your home.

The basics of gravity vents

Gravity relief ventilators are, at their core, very simple devices. They are usually installed in the attics of homes, where the most heat gathers during the summer from the combination of heat rising in the rest of the home and from the radiant energy of the sun. Extreme temperatures in the attic will leak down into the rest of the house and make it hotter.

A gravity ventilator consists of a fan built into a hole through a roof in a house. The fan helps draw the rising hot air up and out of the living spaces. This also results in the cooler air getting pushed down toward ground level, creating a circulation that you won’t get from a normal ceiling fan, which doesn’t actually remove any heat from a space. Because a gravity vent operates mostly through the natural buoyancy of hot air, it requires little power to operate—much less than running an air conditioner.

There’s another advantage of gravity vents aside from pulling hot air out of a house. A gravity vent allows fresh air into your home without impeding the air conditioning. This will help you increase your home’s indoor air quality and remove stale air. During the winter, you can close off the vents to prevent vital heat loss.

A gravity vent will only do a proper job if it is installed correctly: poor placement and workmanship will make it inefficient. Make sure that you only count on professionals with experience working with gravity vents in Pickering, ON to install them for your home. Call Advantage Airtech today to schedule an appointment to see how we can best place gravity relief ventilators in your home to make your summer easier and your air healthier.

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