How Does In-Floor Heating Work?

In Europe, one of the most popular forms of warming a home is in-floor heating, also known as radiant floor heating. Now North America is starting to discover the many advantages of this method of heating, and radiant systems are on the rise in Canada and the U.S. We definitely think you should consider an in-floor heating system for your next heater installation: they provide a high level of comfort combined with tremendous energy efficiency and almost silent operation.

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The basics of in-floor heating

There are different kinds of radiant floor heating. The most common is a hydronic heating system that uses hot water to distribute heat. In many ways, it operates similar to a boiler. The difference is how it delivers its heat. The water heated through natural gas in the boiler is sent through pipes, but instead of going to a terminal point like a baseboard heater, the PEX pipes run through the floorboards. The hot water radiates heat to boards, and in turn they radiate an even level of warmth into rooms.

The second common form of in-floor heating is electric, which works through coils in heat-conducting plastic mats beneath the floor that are attached to your home’s power supply. These systems provide the same comfortable heat as a hydronic system, but they are more expensive to run and work better to handle smaller areas of the house, such as a bathroom.

The third and least common system is the radiant air floor, which transfers heated air to the floor to warm it. These generally are used for commercial buildings and are not efficient as a whole-house heating solution.

Find the in-floor heating system that works for you

Not every home will benefit from in-floor heating. You should first consult with radiant heating specialists to determine if your house is ideal for installation. The specialists will determine what kind of radiant floor heating will work best and how it should be installed. If you do decide to go with in-floor heating, let the installers take care of all the work (it is a very labor intensive job) so the new system will work right and have few repair needs in the near future.

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