How Long Does a Boiler Installation Take?

Winter is approaching fast, and we know that you’re impatient to get your new gas boiler installed to beat out the cold weather with efficient and effective heating. “How long will this take?” you ask, nervously looking at the calendar. The correct answer is: “As long as necessary to make sure it works to the best of its ability.” That length of time will differ from home to home, boiler to boiler.

Advantage Airtech can offer you top-quality boiler installation in Scarborough.

But we can’t offer you a time estimate on this blog post—we’ll need to know more about your home and the kind of boiler you need first.

Although we cannot give you an exact time frame for boiler installation, we can provide you with some information about what to expect.

The first thing to remember is that the installation process starts before the boiler arrives at your home. Your installation technicians must make sure that you get the right size boiler for your home, and to do this they will perform a heat load calculation to discover what your home’s heating needs are.

Boilers have few mechanical parts, and are among the simpler of the main heating systems. In general, installing a boiler takes less time than putting in furnaces, heat pumps, or radiant floor heating (which can involve extensive work on the floors of your home). If a contractor only needs to replace an old boiler with a new one, the work often requires only a few hours on a single day.

The work will go slower if the water in your system needs draining, or if removal of the older boiler presents issues.

If you already have a natural gas line running into your home, than you can expect a smooth installation. However, the work will take longer if you have switched from a system that uses forced-air sent through ducts (furnaces, heat pumps). Boilers don’t use air but heated water sent to end points in your home to radiate heat into your living spaces. Going to a boiler means changing the distribution of heat.

If you hire a skilled, full service HVAC company with many years of experience, you can expect the work to move along fast with few problems. However, if it takes a bit longer than you expected, you will at least know that the installers took the time to make sure the installation was of the highest quality possible. At Advantage Airtech, we’ve done gas boiler installations since 1987. You can trust that we won’t leave you with a sloppy boiler installation in Scarborough: expect a speedy but thorough job that will leave you with a heating system that will serve you for many years. Call us today, or learn more about our heating services in Scarborough.