How Radiant In-Floor Heating Works and What Makes It So Efficient

One of the most popular modes of heating among new homeowners is radiant in-floor heating. This method of heating uses a boiler to heat up water and send it through a set of pipes underneath your floor. This is often installed as part of new construction, but a technician may also retrofit this into an older home. People with in-floor radiant heat swear by its advanced comfort and efficiency. Here’s what makes these units so effective!

How It Works

First, a large boiler tank uses combustion to produce heat when the thermostat signals it is the right time. The heat produced transfers to a heat exchanger, which in turn heats up the water in the tank. A system of piping underneath the floorboards coils about the property in a serpentine fashion. Circulator pumps move water out of the tank once it is hot enough, and circulate this water throughout the piping. Heat transfers to the objects and people in the room, and the cooled water is recycled, returning back to the boiler to heat up all over again.

The Efficiency of Gas Boilers

Transferring heat to the objects around the room is more efficient than heating up the air. Plus, it helps you to stay much warmer when compared to the heat from a furnace. Forced-air heating systems (like furnaces) move heat to the air which is sent out to the room, but some of this heat gets lost in the process. Boilers don’t lose heat so easily because heat doesn’t have to travel through the air and risk potential loss to the air surrounding it.

While older boilers installed before the 1970s had an average AFUE rating of about 60%, today’s gas boilers must have an efficiency rating of 78%. And homeowners who choose ENERGY STAR certified boilers can get an efficiency rating well over 90%, which means the amount you’ll save over the cost of operating an older boiler can be quite high.

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