How to Tell Your Heating System Needs Service

You don’t want to wait in the cold for a technician to show up to your home to fix a broken heating system. Make the call for heating service early so that you’re not rushing into an avoidable emergency repair. So how can you tell that your heating system may be in need of service? Read our list to find out when it’s time to call a heating technician for repair and maintenance services.

  • It’s been a while. Has it been a long time since a technician has come to check on the state of your heating system? It’s a good idea to have your heater looked at each year in order to find problems as early on as possible and make repairs before your heater runs into trouble when you really need it. We recommend this service before cooler weather begins—but it’s never too late.
  • Unusual sounds. Strange noises from your system are a sign of some level of wear and tear, so we recommend that you call a technician to check it out whether or not the temperatures in your home suffer.
  • High bills. Another sign that your heating system may be in need of service is a high utility bill. Since the heating system takes up a large majority of the utility bills for most homes in our area, a sudden increase can likely be attributed to a faulty component.
  • Drop in temperatures. Even if the temperatures in your home aren’t unbearable, you should be concerned if they do not match the thermostat settings. A problem with the blower fan, heat exchanger, limit switch, or another component may only continue to worsen if you wait too long.
  • No heat. Of course, in the dead of winter, this will leave you running to the phone immediately. But if it’s still early on in the season, don’t think that this issue can wait. Test your heater early on in the season, and contact a technician right away if it does not operate properly.

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