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3 Benefits of Air Purifiers

Summer brings the warm weather, outdoor activities and a much-needed break from our Markham winters, but along with all that goodness can come some challenges: namely, allergies and air pollution. Your air conditioning system can help reduce some of these…

Is My Old AC Ready to Be Replaced?

If you need to replace an aging air conditioner, right now during the waning days of spring is the best time to schedule the work. But perhaps you aren’t certain yet if your old AC is ready for retirement. Maybe you can squeeze another year…

End-of-Season Heating Considerations

The winter isn’t over yet, but we are heading into the last stretch of the deep cold. We hope that so far you haven’t had to struggle with your heating in Markham, ON and that you’ve enjoyed a warm house during the chilly months. However, don’t let your heating go slack during the final leg!

Why Is Moisture a Concern with Furnaces?

Moisture in contact with metal can lead to corrosion, and corrosion in turn weakens metal, eventually causing it to crumble away to nothing. When it comes to metal appliances in your home, corrosion is one of the #1 enemies. But how does this apply to a furnace? Unlike a boiler, which circulates water as part of its operation, a furnace does not use water to work. It seems strange that a furnace might rust because of moisture, unless there was a flood in the basement where the furnace cabinet is located.

Is a Boiler Energy Efficient?

When shopping for a new heating system for your home, you will probably have energy efficiency among your prime criteria. One of the best ways to save money on your annual budget is through the installation of a heater that will keep you warm through a long winter without draining excessive amounts of energy. Since gas boilers are among the most common types of heating systems, you’ve probably wondered if they have the energy efficiency it takes to meet your needs.