3 Common Misconceptions about Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems are complex, which is why you allow experts to take care of any services you need through the years. But there are a few things we think you should know about AC that can actually help you save from month to month. That’s why we’ve cleared up a few common misconceptions in this short guide.

Leaving a fan on can cool down a room

One of the biggest energy wastes in any home comes from leaving the ceiling fans (or standing fans) turned on. A fan can create a “wind-chill effect,” in which your skin feels cooler even though the temperature is not actually lower. This is beneficial when you are running the AC, as it’s possible that you can turn it down a few degrees and no one will complain. But this does nothing but waste energy while nobody is occupying the room.

Turning down the temperature all the way cools my house faster

Sometimes, you get home to a warm house and all you want to do is crank up the AC (by lowering the thermostat’s temperature nearly as far as it can go). But you should know that a lower temperature setting is not going to force the AC to go into overdrive. The air conditioner will continue to cycle at the normal speed, surpassing a comfortable temperature and using a whole lot of energy attempting to reach an unnecessarily cool temperature setting. Lower your energy bills by choosing the warmest temperature you are comfortable with (maybe about 78) and staying there.

I don’t use the air conditioner often enough to need maintenance

Even if you do everything you can to save energy and use your air conditioning system as little as possible, an annual professional maintenance visit is still a good idea. Air conditioning maintenance involves a full tune-up of your system, which ultimately allows it to run smoothly and use less energy overall. After a year of little use, parts of your AC could easily wear down or collect dirt, and maintenance helps take care of this.

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