Furnaces were once one of the noisiest methods to heat a home: the sound of a furnace coming on was like a roaring dragon in a basement. But those days are far in the past, and modern furnaces operate mostly unobtrusively, a slight background sound for everyday life.

Until, that is, something starts to go wrong. Unusual furnace noises are early warning signs of repair needs. Don’t hesitate when it comes to calling for heating repair in Pickering when you hear unexpected sounds echoing from your furnace—especially if you have a gas furnace installed. The faster you have the problem fixed, the fewer worries you will have concerning safety and more expensive repairs in the future. Call Advantage Airtech, heating service experts since 1987, to assist you with your furnace problems.

What’s making that rattling noise?

Rattling is a common furnace warning sound. One of the simplest reasons for a rattling furnace is loose bolts in the access hatch. The last time the hatch was closed, the bolts might not have gotten screwed down tightly enough. You can fix this yourself with a few turns of a wrench. (Please shut off the power to the furnace before doing this as a standard precaution.) For an older furnace, the bolts might just be coming loose with age. If your furnace suffers from this kind of problem because of aging, it’s probably a wise idea to consider a replacement: issues far worse than rattling bolts are probably occurring elsewhere.

Another common “rattling” source: a cracked or fraying blower motor fan belt. These belts are similar to the ones in car engines, connecting the motor to the fan. If this belt sustains damage, it can start making a rattling noise while it works. It will need replacement before it comes loose. Don’t try this repair yourself, since it requires a technician’s eyes and equipment.

Dirty burners can also cause the rattling sound. Because burners are connected to the gas line in a gas furnace, you don’t want to tamper with them yourself. A professional can safely remove the burner, wipe off dust and rust flakes, and inspect the openings for additional dirt.

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Stay safe with your furnace

Because there are different reasons for that rattling noise, you should have a repair technician diagnose the exact trouble if it’s anything beyond loose bolts. An HVAC expert will know what to look for and how to fix it without damaging the furnace or creating a safety hazard. Please do not tamper with the inside of a furnace on your own!

Advantage Airtech provides full service for furnaces: installation, repairs, maintenance. Our experience will make those necessary repairs to stop the rattling sound in your furnace go fast. Contact us when your need any heating repair in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Bowmanville, Oshawa, and the surrounding area.Contact Advantage Airtech ClimateCare

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