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Are Your Ducts in Good Shape?

May 25th, 2015

The ducts are the delivery system of your air conditioning and heating systems, and the job of the ducts seems quite simple. Ductwork doesn’t have any mechanical components; it simply acts as a pathway between your air conditioning system and the vents in your home. However, problems within the ducts can make it difficult for your AC and heater to perform properly, leading to repair issues with your HVAC equipment and comfort issues in the home. Take a look at some of the most common issues with ducts, and why you should schedule duct services with an HVAC professional. Continue Reading

All about Your Water Heater’s Sacrificial Anode Rod

May 18th, 2015

Rust can occur quite easily whenever any object made of iron comes into contact with water for prolonged periods. And wherever rust is present, corrosion is soon to follow. Your water heater is made of steel, an iron alloy, and as you know, it holds water continuously. So how come the tank has not yet rusted? Continue Reading

Check Out These 3 Indoor Air Quality Systems

May 11th, 2015

Are you dealing with allergies, asthma, or another type of respiratory illness? Do the people in your home tend to get sick often, or do they complain about the stale indoor air? A whole-home air quality system may be just what you need to stay comfortable and healthy. Check out three of the whole-house options you can have installed when you work with indoor air quality specialists. Continue Reading

Is a Geothermal System Right for You?

May 4th, 2015

Today, manufacturers of air conditioning and heating systems look for ways to design units that are as efficient as possible, to help the environment and your energy bills. One of the most environmentally friendly units around is the geothermal heat pump. Geothermal heat pumps draw from the heat energy deep in the earth to give you whole-home heating and cooling at a smaller price tag. While they still use energy from the utility company, this amount is minimal and you’ll be sure to see savings over time that could even offset the initial cost. Continue Reading

What’s the Noise Coming from My Boiler and What Can I Do about It?

April 27th, 2015

One of the biggest advantages of using a boiler for home heating is that boilers are generally very quiet. Of course, the advanced comfort of a boiler is the main reason to purchase one, but when the tank becomes noisy, you cannot fully enjoy the heat. You may begin to wonder about the state of your system. Should you continue using it? Is your boiler at risk? We’ll answer these questions in today’s guide, but be sure to call a professional HVAC technician when you suspect an issue with your heater. Continue Reading

What to Do before Calling for Heating Repair

April 20th, 2015

We cannot go without heat for long in our area, so we know that you cannot deal with a heating system breakdown for long. When your system breaks down completely, you want heat restored to your home quickly. Often, this means you have to wait for a technician to show up to your home. This is the ideal option when a component of your heater is broken, as a technician can fix such problems faster and with greater accuracy than the average home do-it-yourselfer. However, there are a few things you can check before making the call. Continue Reading

How Does a Water Heater Work?

April 13th, 2015

It’s difficult to picture a life without access to hot water, as water heaters have become standard in most homes in the United States. Even when the weather outside is warm, a cold shower is simply not bearable for most people, and besides, we use hot water for cleaning, food preparation, and many daily grooming tasks. But most people do not take the time to think about how the hot water heater works. However, understanding a few basics of how the traditional storage tank water heater can help you to recognize trouble so that you can call for repairs as soon as problems occur. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals. Continue Reading

3 Ways Duct Cleaning Benefits Your Home

April 6th, 2015

When you run your forced-air heating and air conditioning system, a filter works to eliminate many of the contaminant in the air you breathe. A fan sucks in air from the home for heating or cooling, and the filter traps many of the most harmful contaminants which would otherwise circulate through your home. Unfortunately, not all of the most dangerous pollutants in your home are eliminated. Most filters cannot remove smaller particles and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. These may move back out through the vents, or they can gather in the ducts.

Professional duct cleaning involves the use of specialized equipment which is difficult for the average homeowner to access. When you schedule service with an expert, you can expect a thorough inspection and only the safest and most complete methods of duct contaminant removal. Here’s how removing dust, debris, bacteria, and mold from your ducts can benefit you.

  • Improved Air Quality – Of course, the most obvious benefit of cleaning the ducts is the effect on the air you breathe. But you may be surprised to learn just how many contaminants are actually in the average duct system. Ducts are home to mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and bacteria which can lead to illness, aggravate allergies, and cause particular harm for those with compromised immune systems.
  • Better HVAC Performance – Larger debris and thick layers of dust in ductwork can actually interfere with your HVAC system. The extra friction in the ducts means it takes longer for your home to reach the desired temperature. This uses up more energy and can wear down the blower motor and other important components.
  • Duct Inspection – A quality duct cleaning professional will also take the time to make sure that the ducts are free of leaks and cracks which allow dirt and moisture to enter. Leaky ducts cost homeowners a lot of extra money in energy costs over the course of a year, so prompt duct repair is important for both efficiency and air quality.

Call Advantage Airtech today for duct cleaning, duct repair, and quality heating and air conditioning services in Toronto from professionals you can trust.

What Type of Maintenance Does a Geothermal System Need?

March 27th, 2015

A geothermal heating and cooling system utilizes a heat pump in conjunction with a buried ground loop system in order to use heat from beneath the ground in order to warm your home. During the summer, heat is withdrawn from the air in your home and is then sunk into the ground via the geothermal loop. As is the case with any other residential heating or cooling system, routine maintenance is necessary if you hope to keep your geothermal heating and cooling system in the finest working condition possible. To schedule geothermal system maintenance in Ajax, ON with a professional you can trust, just call Advantage Airtech today. We offer the exceptional maintenance services that your geothermal system needs to succeed.

While geothermal loops require very little in the way of maintenance, as they are really just a series of tubes through which an antifreeze solution flows, the heat pump itself does require routine maintenance services in order to stay in fine working condition. The level of the antifreeze in your geothermal system will have to be checked in order to ensure that it is able to absorb and dissipate thermal energy effectively. If there is a leak resulting in the loss of antifreeze, it will have to be resolved if you hope to use your geothermal system as effectively as possible. A maintenance technician will check these levels, and will measure the pressure and temperature within the geothermal loop.

It is also necessary that your geothermal heat pump is thoroughly and deeply cleaned if you want it to continue to function properly. When dirt and other debris allowed to build up within your geothermal heat pump, this buildup can seriously inhibit the system in a few different ways. Sensitive components may not be able to move freely, and dirty electrical contacts may not allow for proper operation. Only a trained professional can safely and meticulously clean your system free of debris.

Finally, keep in mind that there is more to your geothermal heating and cooling system than just the components outside. The ductwork that delivers heated and cooled air throughout your home, for instance, must be thoroughly inspected to guarantee that it is in fine working condition and is not compromised. Only when every component of your geothermal system is successfully maintained can you hope for it to function at peak performance levels.

Call Advantage Airtech today if you are ready to schedule geothermal system maintenance in Ajax, ON.

Should I Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance Now?

March 20th, 2015

With another winter behind us, the time has come to start thinking about how you are going to keep your cool this summer season. Even if you have a great air conditioner that has served you well in the past, it is important that you give Advantage Airtech a call to ensure that your system is ready for action when temperatures start to creep upwards once more. Annual HVAC maintenance in Whitby, ON is the only way to get your AC ready for the hottest time of the year to come.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance now, as spring sets in, is a great way in which to ensure that you are able to cool your home efficiently and reliably when things really start to heat up. In order to prepare yourself fully for the heat of summer, it is best to schedule routine maintenance before the heat arrives in full. One reason for this, of course, is that your system will be in the best working condition possible following its annual maintenance service. Should you wait to schedule service, running your air conditioner for a while before having it tuned up, you may wind up paying more money than you should have to in order to cool your home. Even worse, you may be paying too much for that subpar performance.

Another reason as to why you should schedule your HVAC maintenance now is that this is a great way in which to discover any operational problems with your system before you really need it. You don’t want to thrust your AC into usage again, only to find it struggling and on the verge of a breakdown just when you require its service the most. Not only will scheduling your HVAC maintenance with a member of our staff now allow for the discovery of any problems with your system, but it will give us the time necessary to resolve them entirely without disrupting your comfort.

Don’t allow the heat to sneak up on you this summer, let alone issues with your home cooling system. Prepare yourself for the weather to come by scheduling annual HVAC maintenance in Whitby, ON with Advantage Airtech today.

We will make sure that your system is in fine working order before the summer – and our busiest time of year – gets under way.