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What Makes Hydronic Heating So Efficient?

September 28th, 2015

Hydronic heating systems are those that use water as a means of heating a home. A large boiler tank heats up the water and then a series of pumps moves the water around the home and back to the tank again. There are a couple of ways the heat is delivered into the rooms of your home. It may move out into the room with the help of a radiator. An even more effective system is a set of underfloor pipes allow heat to radiate from the floor,  Continue Reading

Common Heating Issues at the Beginning of the Season

September 21st, 2015

It’s finally time to switch on your heating system for most of the fall and winter. Is your heater up to the task? Often, homeowners turn on their heaters for the first time in the season only to discover their systems are not operating as expected. Check out our list of a few common beginning-of-season heating issues, and when it may be time to call an expert. Continue Reading

Fall Heating Tips for Your Home

September 14th, 2015

You notice the scenery outdoors changing as fall draws near, but you might not be thinking about the changes that occur inside of your home just yet. However, when temperatures drop, it’s important to make some changes indoors if you want to stay cool and save money this upcoming season. In the following list, we give you a few reminders and pointers about how you can prepare for an enjoyable fall season. Continue Reading

Here’s How a Heating Maintenance Visit Saves You Money

September 7th, 2015

No matter what type of heating system you own—a boiler, a furnace, or a heat pump—annual maintenance is vital if you expect the system to live out its lifespan efficiently. The steps of a heating maintenance visit vary from system to system, but it generally involves an inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of many of the major components. So how does this save you money? Continue Reading

It’s That Time Again: Schedule Heating Maintenance Today!

August 31st, 2015

Before the autumn weather officially makes its debut, we recommend that you schedule a heating maintenance visit. Professional heating system maintenance involves several steps, including a tune-up, cleaning, and inspection of your system. The tasks involved with this process make your system run a lot more smoothly, which can save you a lot of money overall. Learn more from our list. Continue Reading

Is Your Heater Ready for the End of Warm Weather?

August 24th, 2015

We hate to say it, but the warmer weather will soon come to an end. Your air conditioner has done a lot of hard work for you this summer, and it’s about to get a break. But this means that in only a short time, you’ll need your heater to be in top shape to handle the cold. Is your heating system ready? Continue Reading

Why Is Water Leaking from the Air Conditioner and into the House?

August 17th, 2015

One of the most common air conditioning issues is also one of the most damaging: a leaky system. Water can leak from an air conditioning system and into a home. Depending on the position of the indoor portion of the unit, it may leak into a room of the home and damage valuables or the walls, cabinetry, or flooring. So why is there water in your air conditioner, and how does it get out? Continue Reading

Select a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner for Installation or Replacement

August 10th, 2015

When you are tracking down the perfect air conditioning system for your new home, choosing a quality brand and a model that is the right size for your home are both important, as is finding a system with the features you will want throughout the life of the system. One of the most important features you should look into with your new air conditioner is the efficiency rating. Continue Reading

Does My Air Conditioner Need More Refrigerant?

August 3rd, 2015

We’ve heard it time and time again: an air conditioner stops cooling sufficiently and someone says, “Do you think it just needs more Freon?” Freon is a trademarked name by Dupont, a term that is usually used in place of the generic term refrigerant. When refrigerant leaves an air conditioning system, it’s never a good sign. Learn more about this issue and whether or not your AC just needs more refrigerant in this guide.  Continue Reading

Are You Taking the Right Steps to Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

July 27th, 2015

You take your car to the mechanic for an oil change regularly because you want it to perform well and remain as fuel-efficient as possible. Your car is an important part of your life, just as your air conditioner is an important part of your home, which is why we think you should put the same amount of care and maintenance into this system. Here are the steps we recommend to all homeowners in the spring and summer, and why such maintenance is so vital to the performance of your AC system. Continue Reading